“I was in a van with Patti Smith and she said… [pauses] It makes me feel like crying because at the time, I wanted to talk to her about something else important to me but I didn’t want to take up her time. But what she said was, ‘We’re artists. We have responsibilities.’ And I didn’t want to be told that because at the time I was about 30 and I already knew I had a responsibility to myself. I’ve known that for so long. [I thought,] ‘Don’t tell me I have a responsibility to the world as an artist. Please, please, please… I can’t hold anything more on my shoulders. I’m gonna fuckin’ die, maybe next week. Please don’t tell me that!’ But now when I look back on that… I agree with her, man. Because it’s the only social platform you can fuckin’ say what you want and you’re not allowed to be penalised. You’re not allowed. People have been assassinated, people have had their hands cut off for speaking the truth like a comedian or a poet would. So she’s right. It’s a just thing to say. From art comes contemplation. I totally respect that. It’s the fabric of freedom.” » Chan Marshall talking to The Stool Pigeon, June 2012.  See Source. (via hellyeahcatpower)

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